Motorsport Performance App 

This is the first ever training app specifically designed for Racers! It is the culmination of years of working with professional racers on optimizing their physical and mental performance.

If you are looking for a solution to maximizing your potential both on and off the track then look no further.

My goal as a Motorsport Performance Coach is to make an elite level of coaching accessible and AFFORDABLE to racers of all levels and backgrounds. 

For less than your average tire bill during a racing weekend you can get elite performance coaching for a full year!


Program Benefits


Athletes who have trained with me experience...

  • Improved endurance on & off the racetrack.
  • Better flexibility and range of motion.
  • Higher energy levels and mental clarity.
  • Nutrition that is sustainable & supports the demands of racing and life away from the track.
  • Improved body control, eye tracking, and hand-eye coordination.
  • More confidence & less anxiety.
  • Faster information processing.
  • And much, much more...

I designed this program after years of training Professional Racers and optimizing the mental & physical training needed to progress as an athlete.

I am beyond confident that, so long as you put in the work on your end, you'll see a significant improvement in your racing performance.

Fitness Coaching

You'll have access to a library of training programs as well as On-Demand workouts. New programs will continually be added on a monthly basis.

Mental Performance

I teach you the proven techniques I use with each of my professional riders that helps keep them calm, cool, and collected. You'll build to confidence and mental discipline to win races and crush your goals.

Nutrition Coaching

The app includes nutrition tracking, custom generated nutrition plans, courses designed to help you optimize your nutritional needs, and more.


Presale ends in...










Why Am I Creating This App?

After entering the Motoamerica paddock in 2020 I was astounded to see how few racers... even some of the best in the world... were working with a performance coach and training properly for their sport. The reasons why became apparent very quickly.

In such an expensive sport there are very few athletes that can afford the $1000's a month that most high level coaches will charge. Beyond that, because of how expensive the sport is and "how little money" there is in Motorsport you actually find very very few coaches who are 100% committed to working with racer. 

These factors combined sparked the realization of what my purpose in life is... to create an effective affordable solution to provide passionate motorsport athletes who are trying to be the best they can in the sport they love so much. 

My long term vision for this project is twofold. First, create THE most badass platform available to help racers with all of their performance needs. I will be continually investing into further development and improvement of this program. Not only can you count on new content being uploaded on a monthly basis, but as the Southern Pride Motorsport athlete family grows I will commit to bringing more technology and functionality into the platform.

Second, my hope is that making coaching more accessible and affordable will help grow the sport by making it safer and more enjoyable for racers and fans alike. 

This truly is a project fueled by passion. I'm grateful for the opportunity I have been blessed with in the racing world and I feel obligated to bring as much value as I possibly can to racers everywhere.

Need more information before committing? 


I understand that 100%! Over the next few weeks leading up to the app launching I will be publishing a lot of new information & sharing demos of the software. If you want to have a more in-depth look before making a decision then submit your info below for email updates sent directly to your inbox.

The Presale offer will be available until May 14th at 11:59pm EST, but those who sign up early will get access to the app a week earlier than anyone else & will have a chance to submit suggestions for content they would love to see in the app!

Submit your email below for more information