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Motorsport Performance Coaching 

What is Performance Coaching & How Does It Help Racers?

This is a question I get asked all the time. As a performance coach I take it upon myself to make sure each of my athletes has everything they need to succeed. This includes...

  • Personalized Training Programs
  • Mental Performance Coaching
  • Nutritional Support
  • Race Weekend Planning & Debriefs

There aren't many high quality solutions to performance coaching for motorsports athletes so it's my goal to help change that. No longer do you have to guess what you need to do in the gym, with your diet, or to quiet your mind and race at your very best... by working with me you'll have that all taken care of so that you can just focus on racing!

Coach Ethan talking to one of his athletes.
Coach Ethan standing on the finish line with an athlete.

About Coach Ethan

If you had told me while I was in college that I would end up devoting my life's work to helping Motorsports athletes succeed I would have called you crazy. At the time I was playing college hockey and determined to continue in the sport as a Performance Coach once I graduated from Cal State Fullerton with my degree in Kinesiology.

Upon graduating I moved out to Georgia with my fiance, Erin, and it was here that I first fell in love with motorsports. At the time I had been working with a Motoamerica athlete & after getting to know them better I went to the local race at Road Atlanta.

That weekend I brought my massage gun to help keep my athlete fresh. I ended up working on a number of racers including a few that I still work with and consider close friends to this day.

This experience led to me spending the rest of the season in the paddock, building a relationship with a number of racers & teams while continuing to immerse myself in the world of professional motorsports. 

Fast forwarding a few years to the present, I now work with over 30 professional racers across multiple different disciplines/series' as well as a number of budding amateur racers looking to improve.

My mission now is to provide an affordable solution for more motorsport athletes to have access to an elite level of performance coaching while also changing how racers are trained for the better. 

Performance Coaching Options & Services

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1-on-1 Performance Coaching

One-On-One coaching is available on an application-only basis. If you are interested and would like to talk with me about this you can schedule a call by clicking below.

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Motorsports Performance App

This is the solution for racers looking to get elite performance coaching at an affordable price. For more information click below.

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Motorsports Athlete Community

If you haven't already, click below to join the Southern Pride Performance Motorsports Athlete community on Facebook. It is 100% free and a place where I constantly provide value to racers looking to improve.

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Client Testimonials

Coach Ethan and Cam Petersen on Grid
Cam Petersen

"I'm beyond grateful to have Ethan as my performance coach. He's helped me make the most of my opportunities and develop much faster than I thought I could."

Mathew Scholtz celebrating a win.
Mathew Scholtz

"Ethan plays a big role in the success of my program. He handles all my training, makes sure my performance peaks at the right time, and is a massive help on the mental side of performance."

Wyatt Farris

"The biggest things that separate Ethan from other coaches I've worked with... first, he genuinely cares. Second, his attention to detail is second to none."

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