An App That Changed My Life's Path... Now Free!

mental performance motorsports resources Nov 22, 2021

This is a story about how a seemingly small conversation and an introduction to a cool app pivoted my life's path. (Said app used to cost $100/yr and is now FREE. The link to it will be at the bottom of this post!)

In retrospect, it's crazy how much of an impact even the smallest of gestures can have. In my first year at CSU Fullerton, I was sitting in biology class next to a dude with a CSUF Golf backpack. My interest was peaked as I had just gotten full-blown obsessed with golf. Naturally, I started a conversation with the dude... turns out that Mark was on the D1 golf team and shared both my affinity for golf (but on another level) and was big into personal development. ​

The rest of the semester we got pretty close... when one of us had to miss class for sports travel (or.......... just didn't want to go) the other would send over the notes and give them the answers to the live questions you had to answer online for in-class participation. The next semester we picked a few classes together so we could repeat the very same process. I was reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective Humans before our Sports Physiology lecture and I remember him telling me 2 things upon seeing the book.​

1) His mental performance coach, Brian Cain, had recommended the very same book to the whole golf team.​

2) He introduced them to an app that Cobey DEMANDED that I check out... hell, he'd even give me his log-in since he had a lifetime membership. It was called It had super powerful book breakdowns that took 15-30 minutes to get through and more.​

So looking back on that conversation, it caused two big things for me in the long run. First, it turned my interest in personal development and mental performance into a full-blown obsession, and second, it introduced me to the coach that ultimately ended up being my mentor in the space of Mental Performance... Brian Cain.​

The takeaway from this post is twofold.... you never know what a random-ass friendship can turn into and the long-term impact it can have AND seemingly insignificant conversations at the time can completely shift your path in life.​

Optimize.Me is now totally free as I mentioned and it's an awesome resource. If you're feeling the constraints of time but want to get the ball rolling on personal development this is a great starting point. Book breakdowns, master classes, interviews with unbelievable figures in the personal development space. Great stuff!

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